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Are you dealing with:

  • Discussions that turn into heated arguments without productive outcomes,

  • The same performance issues that return again and again,

  • Stress and burnout,

  • Conflict avoidance and people-pleasing became second nature for many,

  • An uphill battle with finding new ways to boost performance and effectiveness?

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Addressing problems and navigating conflict are vital to creating an organization where people can thrive.

By avoiding difficult discussions or using approaches that create persistent and escalating problems, we negatively impact motivation, engagement, and teamwork and create an environment where neither people nor performance can thrive.

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Develop the thoughts and behaviours that lead to success.

The Delving Into Difficult Discussions program helps you develop the thoughts and behaviours you need to plan and have conversations that lead to “win:win” outcomes, recognizing that success comes most easily when we perceive problems and conflict as positive, use emotional intelligence and assertive behaviours, and help others do the same.

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Visit Humaning Made Easier for more information

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