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New Year’s Resolutions. How to win this battle?!

New Year! New life! New me! I will be more organized. I will star eating healthier and exercise more. I will learn a new language, find a new job, get rid off a mess in a garage, quit smoking, call parents more often - you pick! All those resolutions - how inspiring they are and how ... similar to last year resolutions, and the year before and the year before... Almost 90% of our New Year’s resolutions fail. Are we all that weak and lacking the necessary determination? Of course, not! On a contrary, most of us trying so hard, that our energy resources become empty before we see any tangible results. We like to go big or go home and, as a result, most of us... going home to the old habits and old disappointments. How to prevent that and increase your chances to succeed? Here are a few tips from my own experience and the observations provided by my clients: 1. Make it To Do resolution and not To Be resolution. You are who you are and to change it is near to impossible. Commit to actions! 2. Make your resolution easy. Don’t try to be a hero or bite off more than you can chew. Accomplish a little is much better then fail big. 3. Make your resolution clear and countable. Choose specific day, time or circumstances when you will act on your resolution and stick to it. 4. Keep working on your resolution for 6 to 8 weeks, until it will become a habit and only after that commit to something else. 5. And most important – don’t wait until New Year! Every day of the year is good to start something new and exciting

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