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I Can and I Will

Life Coaching

How many times you found yourself excited by a new idea or opportunity, thinking about it, making plans, and then… losing the focus, getting lost behind the small details, doubting your abilities to succeed. Or maybe you are at that stage of life when everything seems to be fine, but something is still missing.


You can’t pinpoint what it is exactly, you are looking for symptoms, reading the articles about midlife crisis, or just disregarding it as a meaningless soul-searching.

You might be in a situation when you had a goal, a solid plan and you worked hard to reach this goal. And now, looking back, you suddenly realized that the goal, which was so important, doesn’t look like it anymore, and all this energy, time and afford you put into it now appears as wasted resources.

Don’t let yourself give in and stop dreaming. Even the strongest of us need help. A life coach can guide you through obstacles, whether internal or external, towards the life you wish for yourself. 


Leadership Is Action, Not Position

Leadership Coaching

A great leader - who is it? The person, who tells everybody what to do? The one, who uses his power to suppress any nonconformity? Or the one, who can inspire people around him, let them see the path through his eyes but doesn't t take their vision away.
As a leader, you can choose different ways to embrace your power. You can lead by example or rule with an iron fist. You might try to become a friend or keep the distance and stay unreachable as a legend. But no matter what type of leadership you are leaning towards, it has to be effective. You might need to make a few adjustments on the way or change your perspective completely. As a life coach, I can help you to see a bigger picture and realize your full potential as a great leader. 
Or maybe you are a great leader already, highly knowledgeable, passionate, and motivated. But in today's fast-paced and incredibly high-pressure working environment you might need someone you can trust, a confidante you can show your softer side to, talk about your weaknesses. A life coach can be just the right person for it.
 There are some additional areas we can improve by working together:

  1. Facilitate ongoing and planned transitions with the company, by adapting the leadership style, recognizing necessary skills to be developed, improving the decision-making process. 

  2. Recognize and develop essential capabilities for upcoming potential leaders. Nurturing the new generation of leaders within the organization will guarantee the integrity and constant growth of the business.

  3. Stress management training. Being a leader will never become an easy task, but there are ways to turn it into an effective and fulfilling job.

  4. Effective feedback is a powerful tool but given in a wrong way may destroy trust, cause distress, and harm a leader’s reputation.

  5. A coach can be a professional confidant to help leaders of all levels successfully navigate in a highly demanding and fast-paced corporate environment.


Storms Don't Last Forever

Personal Crisis Management

Crisis Management is often associated with large corporations, working on damage control after some business activity went wrong. But it’s known to everybody, there are no fewer crises in our private lives than in a corporate world. From bad hair day to financial disaster – the range of potential damage varies drastically, yet the ways to deal with any crisis will be pretty much the same.

It is important to stay calm and think rationally to minimize the negative effect of the crisis, but I know very well it's easier said than done. Yet it is still possible. There is a variety of tools and technics I can teach you and with a little bit of practice (and a couple of small crises on the way), you will be able to withstand whatever challenges life has to offer.

We Rise by Lifting Others

Team's Dynamics

Human beings are social creatures. Rare individuals do not belong to any group. During the day we are moving from families to workplaces, from subway stations to fitness classes, from small old friends’ gatherings to the huge international conferences. Some groups are stable, long-lasting circles with minor changes over time. Some are just temporary structures, created for a specific purpose. We have a lot of control over some of them and have none over others.
 Every group is a living organism, with its ups and downs, love and hate stories, internal hierarchy, and power wars. It can be challenging to navigate through the stormy waters without striking aground. 
As a life coach, working individually and in a group, I will be able to help to make a transition from a bunch of individuals stuck together to a strong and effective team, moving towards its goals.
For the teams at work I provide the following training:

  1. Conflict resolution. By recognizing the types of “difficult people” and learning technics how to deal with them, your employees will be able to handle conflict situations in a less stressful and much more productive manner. 

  2. Increase productivity and effectiveness of teamwork by raising levels of creativity and innovation within the team members. By expect.adjusting group dynamics and encouraging them to speak up, the new ideas will come from the employees you would never Communicational intelligence.

  3. It is a learning skill to persuade others to understand your point without being overpowering.

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