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Good Stress, Bad Stress. How to Embrace the One and Manage the Other

Types of stress and why do we need them.

A simple neurochemistry lesson or what changes in our brain during stressful times.

Eustress – what is it, and how can it help us?

Mindset intervention exercise – the way to trick your mind and convert bad stress into a good one.

Enjoying the Nature

Nature of Habits

We all are habit creatures. Do we create our habits, or habits shape us?

Why is it so hard to get rid of bad habits and gain good ones?

Small victories vs. epic failures. Why should we take it slow when trying to change for good?

Step by step guide to creating good habits that last.

Stang-up Meeting

Effective Communications

How do we listen, and what do we really take from the conversations? Assumptions vs. reality.

“You don't get me, do you?!” How to be heard without "screaming".

Non-verbal communication - body language is not always straightforward.

What vs. how. What we are saying and how we do it are two sides of the same coin.

Image by Sonja Langford

Time Management

What do you need extra time for? Goal setting. Important vs. Urgent.

Identify your time “wasters”. Effective vs. busy.

Time managing tools. Theory and practice for creating new behaviors, habits, and routines.

When enough is enough. Stillness, self-care, and fun are necessary parts of happy living. Wasting some time is important to stay sane.


Burnout: Prevention and Recovery.

Three main symptoms of burnout and consequences of untreated burnout.

Let’s check it out. Self-diagnostic quick test.

Burnout recovery process’s steps -    Behavioral and cognitive strategies for burnout prevention.

Parenting and teens’ burnout


Employees’ Retention Strategies

How to attract the right person to the right job.

Employee Lifetime Value methodology


Ways to create an engaging and motivational environment


Letting go of the wrong person might be the best retention strategy.


Moving Forward While Going Back: Post-Pandemic Return to Office

Personal, organizational, and interpersonal challenges of going back to the office


Two main mindset shifts to ensure a successful return


Strategies to support your physical and mental health while going back to the office -


Helping your kids to adapt to the new reality.


High-Performing Hybrid Teams

How to choose the right type of hybrid work for your team


What are the hidden challenges of managing a hybrid team and how to overcome them


How to develop a “hybrid mindset” for leaders and front-line employees


How to build a strong link between virtual and physical workplaces

How to develop effective processes for high-performing collaborative hybrid teams


Definition of psychological safety, and consequences and risks of not having it at a workplace.

Trust and vulnerability as a foundation for psychological safety. Ways to build trusted work relationships. 

Existing barriers and opportunities for high level of Psychological Safety.


Assertiveness vs. arrogance and how it fits into the object of Psychological Safety.

Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence as a set of skills to build and maintain Psychological Safety

Fundamentals of Psychological Safety

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