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Are you dealing with:

  • Discussions that turn into heated arguments without productive outcomes,

  • The same performance issues that return again and again,

  • Stress and burnout,

  • Conflict avoidance and people-pleasing became second nature for many,

  • An uphill battle with finding new ways to boost performance and effectiveness?

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Addressing problems and navigating conflict are vital to creating an organization where people can thrive.

By avoiding difficult discussions or using approaches that create persistent and escalating problems, we negatively impact motivation, engagement, and teamwork and create an environment where neither people nor performance can thrive.

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Develop the thoughts and behaviours that lead to success.

The Delving Into Difficult Discussions program helps you develop the thoughts and behaviours you need to plan and have conversations that lead to “win:win” outcomes, recognizing that success comes most easily when we perceive problems and conflict as positive, use emotional intelligence and assertive behaviours, and help others do the same.

What program participants are saying:

I completed the "Delving into Difficult Discussion" course facilitated by Jenny Barkan, and I couldn't be more impressed. The content was incredibly timely, offering fresh ideas and practical approaches that felt immediately applicable. Jenny's facilitation style fostered a high level of engagement and interaction among participants, making the learning experience both dynamic and insightful. Her expertise and approachable demeanour created a safe space for open dialogue and meaningful exchanges. I highly recommend Jenny as a facilitator; her ability to guide complex discussions with clarity and empathy is truly exceptional.

Zdravko (Z) Gunjevic

Sr. Learning & Development Program Manager




I had the pleasure of participating in Jenny's Delving into Difficult Discussions online class over the past few months. The sessions were very insightful and inspired great group discussions with the class. The material was delivered with passion and enthusiasm. This is an excellent course for those who are new in their leadership roles.

Jennifer Smith

Human resources Director



"Recently, I participated in the “Delving into Difficult Discussions” program that was facilitated by Jenny Barkan. I have to say that it was a great experience. First of all, the reading materials are comprehensive yet very clear and straight to the point. And secondly, Jenny was able to create a safe environment, where all the participants were willing to share their thoughts, wins and fails and real-life examples. The conversations flowed almost effortlessly but with a lot of purpose and learning points.

As an HR professional, I highly recommend this program to anyone, especially to people in leadership positions."

Anna Boshoer, CHRL

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