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Talk to Your People

Today I would like to ask you: supervisors, department managers, companies’ leaders. When was the last time you spoke with each employee who reports directly to you? I am not talking about “how are you doing” in the hallway. I am talking about at least hour long, meaningful conversations, when you asked a question and listened to what your team member has to say. Listened with the intent to understand and not with the intent to reply.

If you cannot remember when it happened last time, I highly recommend you clear your schedule and make these meetings your first priority.

Why? Because it is very important for your employees to feel heard and appreciated. You need these conversations to create a culture of mutual trust and respect, high moral standards and accountability.

Have these meetings at least once a month. And remember, consistency is a key. No change happens over night.

You can have an agenda for each meeting or you can let conversation flow. The choice is yours and your employees. The most important aspect is - conversation has to be scheduled in advance and uninterrupted, to show your team that you really care, and you are taking it seriously.

You will need to invest time and energy. But in return you will give your employees a reason to come to work every day, to stay motivated and engaged, to be happy. And what can be a better return on investment than happy and loyal team you can count on.

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