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Delegating? Do it right!

Lately I hear the same statements again and again: work smarter, not harder; busy doesn’t mean productive; manage yourself better in a time frame you have etc.

These are all great ideas, but how exactly can you implement them into your daily work routine?

One of the most efficient ways to do it is to delegate.

But there is a catch. Many of us have a hard time delegating. And rationalizations behind it might sound like: if I want something done right, I better do it myself; my employees are already too busy to add something to their plate; I can do it faster. Do these sound familiar?

How to turn the tables and take advantage of this very effective tool – delegation.

First, you need to work on your perception of delegation as time consuming, unnecessary task. Try to be open minded and just give it a try. Expect positive outcome instead of trying to find another reason why it won’t work.

Second, if you decided to do it, do it right. First, specify the expected results, including scope of work that needs to be done and the deadlines. Give an employee, you delegating to, a certain level of independence and authority, otherwise what is the point to delegate to someone if you are planning to look over the person’s shoulder all the time. And don’t forget to offer your support if needed and initiate a follow up to show that you care about the employee and the results.

And finally, to make this whole idea of delegation very tempting and appealing, just imagine how much time can you save for yourself buy delegating a few tasks and what could you use this time for!

Good luck!

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