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Difference Between Mentoring and Coaching

What are the main differences between mentoring, feedback and coaching, and why do we need more coaching at work?

All three kinds of conversations are important and can occur between the same manager and team member. But coaching conversations can create something that other types cannot.

✔ Unlike mentoring and feedback, coaching conversations create growth opportunities for both – a coach and a coachee. Gaining a more profound understanding of people’s thinking and behaviours, witnessing the a-ha moments, creating a safe space for silent thinking – all these instants will fill up leaders’ confidence and gratification buckets.

✔ The main focus of coaching conversation is the whole person and not approaching due dates, sales quotes or performance issues. By putting the employee’s needs for growth and support in the spotlight, leaders have the chance to prove they genuinely care about the person and not just about the numbers. It strengthens the relationships and reinforces trust.

✔ Regular coaching conversations help recognize issues before they become big problems. Matters of phycological safety, lack of motivation, and mental wellbeing are not transpire overnight and are rarely touched upon during feedback or mentoring. Often, these problems become apparent when it’s too late and damage is already done. Coaching helps prevent that from happening.


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