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How To Deal With Brilliant Jerks

Do you know someone very smart, talented and successful but incredibly irritating and hard to be around?

These people have a name – Brilliant Jerks.

It’s one thing if you have one as your friend or family member – just don’t pick up the phone or avoid birthday party invitations.

It’s an entirely different story if you work with one. Every day feels like a walk in a minefield. You never know what will set off the angry outburst, passive-aggressive comment or “Do like I said” speech.

If you have a brilliant jerk as your boss, I can only recommend RUN and don’t look back. They won’t remember your name, but you will never forget the misery they put you through.

And if you employ a brilliant jerk, thinking they bring your company a lot of money – think again.

🔸 When the word gets out (and it will), culture-conscious business partners and clients will walk away.

🔸 Tolerating a toxic environment to keep the job is mainly in the past. And when good employees leave, good luck trying to replace them.

🔸 And lastly, like a giant tree blocking all the sun and rain, preventing anything else from growing around it, brilliant jerks pull all the resources away from the rest of the team, stealing their chances to flourish. Remove this huge shadow and see what will start growing!

Should the brilliant jerk be let go?

Maybe, but not before you try this:

🔷 You might be surprised, but they are often amazingly clueless about their behaviour's awful impact on everyone around them. It’s on you as a leader to shed light on this fact and make it crystal clear that things have to change.

🔷 And secondly, make sure that the person is willing to change. Just words and promises won’t cut it. You and your team need to see some effort and movement in the right direction before you graciously give the brilliant jerk a second chance.


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