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One More Time About Communication

Planning your every communication (verbal, written or any other type) sounds like a daunting and time-consuming task. On the other hand, how many times, after a rushed response, you thought, “Oh, I should’ve said that!” or even worse: “I definitely shouldn’t say this!!”

What if I say that planning your communication can be done in just a few minutes, and yet it will create a huge difference for you and the receiving party?

All you need to do before you say something or write an email is to answer three simple questions:

✔What do you want people TO KNOW?

✔How do you want them to FEEL?

✔And what do you want them to DO?

“Come and see me tomorrow morning at 8 am” – seems like a pretty innocent message.

It’s clear what you want the person to DO. But are you clear about what you wish a person to KNOW and how they would FEEL after reading your message?

The recipient of this message has no idea what will be discussed and has no clue how to feel about it. Therefore they get very anxious.

Instead, you can say: “Come and see me tomorrow at 8 am. I would like to talk about the current project, we are a little behind schedule, and I want your insight on where we can improve.”

Only a few more words, and the person on the receiving end KNOWS what it is about, FEELS comfortable and has a clear idea about what to DO.

The beauty of this technique is not just in its simplicity but also, that the more you practice it, the more habitual it becomes. At some point, it will be your second nature to check three mental checkboxes quickly:

☑ What to KNOW

☑ How to FEEL

☑ What to DO


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