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Working on your first impression? Don't waste your time!

For quite some time we believed that it is very important to know how to make a good first impression. We also have been told that it is very hard, as it takes less than 30 seconds for human brain to form an opinion about someone new in our life.

There was (and still is) an entire industry built to teach people how to make the best first impression.

BAD NEWS! 🙄 Apparently, it takes less than 1 second for human brain to decide if the person is trustworthy, warm and cooperative or not. That means, even before you said ‘Hello’, the window to make a good first impression is already closed.


We can’t do much with less than 1 second time frame to make a great first impression, but we can reduce the significance of first impression on the receiving part.

That means, we need consciously question our first impressions about other people, give ourselves some time to learn a little bit about the person and only then to come to certain conclusions.

Don’t let your brain to fool you and dismiss someone based only on first impression!


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