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Begum Walji, Production Engineer, Toronto, ON

May 7, 2020

I have had a couple of coaching sessions with Jenny so far and she has been able to give me a completely different perspective and vision for my goals. She is a natural coach and has deep insight. She is pleasant to work with and a very helpful individual. If you haven't signed up for your coaching sessions with her, you are doing yourself an injustice. If you have never had a life coach or a career coach, I highly recommend talking to Jenny just get some clarity and a different perspective on things! She has a broader vision and a natural in helping push you 1 step closer to your goals. Thank you Jenny for all your support!

Mariana Pachai-Bose, HR, North York, ON

June 11, 2019

Jenny is wonderful facilitator who is well versed in life and business coaching. She offers simple, realistic guidelines that are easy to follow. She genuinely cares about producing results for her clients.

Melissa Lopes, Program Coordinator, Centre for Diverse Women and Families, Mississauga, ON

February 9, 2019

Thank you so much Jenny for your Leadership workshop for the Building Bridge program! The participants loved it and were really great full to learn some tools to use for their professional careers. I will definitely bring her back soon!! They are asking for more Jenny!! She is a great facilitator and speaker!

Jennifer Wilson, Program Manager, Windsor ON

January 23, 2019

Having partaken of the workshops with topics including stress, time management and effective communication (leadership coaching) I am able to highly recommend Jenny Barkan with her Life and Business Coaching. I found that Jenny has an exceptional passion that was able to bring about significant engagement and positivity with our group of high performance level program managers working in the automotive tooling industry. We were all able to receive very immediate and constructive options for improvement with all relationships (home and work). With my team we were able to realize an overall efficiency improvement and improved engagements with our customers that resulted in a direct improvement to our bottom line. I look forward to being able to place future teams thru these same workshops as well as I am personally looking forward to new options as they become available for my own benefit.

Zoya Islam, Communications, Toronto ON

January 23, 2019

I first met Jenny a few months ago when she became my professional coach. Jenny has been a wonderful asset, and she has helped me realize my potential with both work and personal matters. Jenny has helped me gain conflict resolution skills, to develop my capacity to become a leader in my profession, and she has acted as a confidante with whom I can bounce off ideas and clearly articulate solutions to problems. I am very grateful to Jenny for helping me achieve my goals!

Anna Boshoer, HR, Toronto ON

April 13, 2018

Jenny has presented to a team about time management as a part of our Lunch and Learn program. The team enjoyed her presentation and found the information very useful. Here are some comments from our team members: “Precise and to the point. Short session with just the right information.” “I enjoyed the constructive tips to be more productive.” “Very interactive as to relating to us in everyday activities, and calling us out on what we do and how to correct it.” “Useful info shared." Overall, these are great productivity tools presented in an effective manner.

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